Miley's Support For Hillary Clinton...

Miley’s Support For Hillary Clinton…


Well everyone is aware of the recent Donald vs Hillary political tiff, and here we have Miley supporting Hillary Clinton for the post of the US President.She flew to Virginia this Saturday to make her presence assured in the campaign. Dressed enthusiastically in a nationalistic garb, she seemed to be the most dotty voter ever. Her blue heart shaped crop top with that red- white striped skirt and thise shimmery shoes complemented with a pink headband made her look most interested in the political elections this time.

She even halted at George Mason University to carry a conversation with other voters regarding their love for Hillary and their selection of her as a Presidential candidate over Trump and of course pictures are a must. Before visiting Virginia, the pop star took to Instagram to announce her presence in the campaign in which she Boasted a Clinton T Shirt and captioned it as “OMW 2 VA 4 HC!!!! @hillaryclinton #imwithher.” She also assured that she attended every dorm room of the University and that students started coming off to attend the singing icon.

Well we see that Cyrus is not the only celeb along with Hillary but there is also Katy Perry who attended the campaign in University of Nevada, LA to show her support for Clinton. With so much of positivity and fun and support we hope that the best candidate gets to don the post. Wishing luck to Trump and Clinton and may the best one win.

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