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Hrithik Roshan Diet Chart and More


Hey, Fellas! welcome to the celebrity fitness regime. Here we talk about the health, fitness, and diet of various famous celebrities. I have been writing about them for quite a time now and practically know everything about them now. What kind of food do they eat? what time do they eat? When do they eat? etc. So Every now and then I will post blogs about the health and fitness secrets of celebs. So please do read them and take the best out of it.So, Last time we discussed Salman Khan. Today we will be talking about is a first and most successful student. I am talking about none other than the Indian SuperHero (Krissh) Hrithik Roshan. He is yet another famous Bollywood actor who has does do exceptionally well when it comes to body building. Before learning about is health and fitness, let’s get to know who he is?


Hrithik Roshan is an Indian actor, who is the part of Bollywood industry. He is well known for his brilliant acting and dancing skills. Hrithik was born in Mumbai in the year 1974. He started his career at a very young age of 12, in the year 1986, where he acted in movies as a child actor. The cute little boy turned out to be a handsome hunk man who became the Bollywood’s hottest actor. He has done over a dozen movies and given some real blockbusters to the industry. He has also been presented with some prestigious awards for his outstanding acting and performances in various movies. But just like Salman, his acting is not really what makes his famous. Here is Hrithik Roshan Complete Diet Plan and Exercises

So what is so special about Hrithik? First of all his amazing dancing skills and the second is his perfectly streamlined body. For now, our topic of focus will be his health and fitness.So, Hrithik has been officially stated as the hottest and sexiest man of India. With the heavenly face and perfectly streamlined body, Hrithik has managed to win millions of hearts. Frankly speaking, parents would love to have him, boys will love to be him and of course, women will die to be with him.


By now we know he looks great. Now the question is “How does he do it”? Well, the face is all natural, but when it comes to his body its all the result of hard work. He is a real fitness freak. In some interviews, Hrithik has revealed that Salman was his trainers and He used to wake Hrithik up every morning at 4 am for 6 hours workout. There are more to these fitness stories, but today we will be only finding out about eating habits. Liked his diet well get ready To Take a peek at Salman Khan’s Real Diet Plan with all the crucial details.

What does Hrithik eat to stay fit?
Hrithik performs the intense workout. It is said that there was a time when his diet was improved every week with his rapidly growing body.
Proteins– The main protein diet for Hrithik include a lot of animal flesh like chicken breast, fish, red meat, turkey. He also eats Egg whites ( his favorite). The most important thing protein shakes.
Carbs – It’s mostly complex carbs including salads, oatmeals, and some brown rice.


Nikki Cox Before And After

Nikki Cox


Nicole Avery “Nikki” Cox famously kniwn as Nikki Cox was born on 2 June, 1978 to Meredith Avery Cox and Terry Kay Cox. She is a writer and an actress. She is known for her work in Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas and Nikki. She commenced her career at age four and appeared as dancer. And started acting at 10, making appearance in Bay watch, StarTerk, Eerie, Blossom, Mama’s family and many more. In 1993 to 1995, she starred in General Hospital. She bagged role in Tiffany Malloy. He appeared in Scream, where he wore “Ghostface mask”.She became spokesperson of online gaming site, in 2006. In Leisure Suit Larry, she gave the voice of Jenna. She was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album as a sole writer.Cox engaged to Bobcat Goldthwait, she gave voice to Mr. Floppy. Later she married to actor Jay Mohr in Los Angeles. In 2011, she had son with Jon Jay Mohr.


Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

Cox plastic surgery was the reason for her fall in career. Those who are watching her since 90’s when she had a amazing start and had a lovely looks. In few years, she had a successful career and she was one of the successful actress. She was one of the favourite cast for film makers. She is known for playing different roles, including hot chicks one. Later she surprised her fans by changing her looks and appearance by plastic procedures. Her all plastic surgeries went wrong.

Her surgeries are referred as horrible and freaking. Though these changes are un confirmed but have attracted media and fans from a variety of areas. Some surgeons hinted her plastic surgery as exposing her ugly side. She has been working in several TV shows and known by many people. Her surgeries have generated debate among her followers. The below Image is taken from


Nikki Cox Possible Plastic Surgery

  1. Lip Augmentation

Cox underwent lip augmentation and took fillers to have bigger and fleshy lips. The lips now looks fuller changing her entire face. Her recent pictures shows that her lips had a drastic effect which changes her face look and appearance. Her upper lip got more affected.

  1. Breast Implants

Cox breast implant surgeon missed out some parameters which makes them look bigger and pushed up. Her breast in recent pictures look bigger than they use to be. Her desire to have large breast looks to be a missed out for her. And her breast doesn’t suit her appearance.

  1. Botox Injections

At this age,  her face looks wrinkle free that clearly points at Botox injections and fillers. It is quite clear that she had underwent various plastic surgeries. She never admitted to all these plastic surgeries. And claimed as the attempt to terminate her career. Her denials to these allegations, didn’t favour her much as she had a great fall in her career.Dont Forget To Take A Look at  Julianna Margulies Plastic Surgery Before and After