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“She Is My Angel”: Pitbull’s Take On Jennifer Lopez As Her Friend….


So far we have seen the good friendship and coaction the two stars have undertaken since so many years and according to Pitbull he is always finding an excuse to collaborate with Jennifer Lopez. On being asked about their collaboration and friendship he says “You know how you have the angel and the devil, she’s my angel. She’s always talking to me like, ‘Why are you so wild and lose and off the chain?’ And I say, ‘Well Jennifer this is who I am. She absolutely is drop-dead gorgeous and powerful and sophisticated and militant and diligent and a hard worker and that is why Jennifer is Jennifer.”

Woah!! He has so much in store of his thoughts for the star and he seemingly loves her company as a person. He jestingly said, “So anytime I am around her, it’s ‘Wow, mama… why you so gorgeous?” To which he further added “She opened a lot of doors for someone such as myself, so thank you, Jennifer. She knows, I always tell her when I see her.”Well, this strong bond of their relationship is seriously leading to some friendship goals and we wish that the two get to share some more memories in the future. Currently the two have collaborated over again and are working on the single ‘Sexy  Body’. Lots of love and wishes and bow to their everlasting and beautiful friendship and we wish them some more collaborations.