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Blac Chyna Shares An Endearing Picture From Her Childhood….


Blast from the past!! Blac Chyna recently shared an incredibly cute photo from her past in which she looks like a tomboy. She captioned the pic “Young Chy…I was a tomboy for the longest!!!” She looks completely enthusiastic and lovely in the picture.Though she claimed to be a tomboy in her earlier days, still you can see her getting accessorized just the way she is does now and definitely there is that cute little smile which is still prevalent and makes her look more beautiful.

See how time flies and it is today when she is standing with a baby bump to welcome her own daughter with Rob. She is now going to dress her own angel and make her look as beautiful as she herself is. She also shared a picture of the gifts she has been receiving for the upcoming baby. It is all about some white gear inclusive of car seat, roller and a diaper bag to name a few.While this blast from her childhood proved to be a nice surprise for all, even she might be getting nostalgic by the fact that she was once a small girl with those fluffy head bands and airy frocks and now it is time for her to give birth to her baby girl who is going to don the same style and beauty as her mother does.Well we all just hope for a happy baby and a safe delivery.